Rehabitat provides smart, simple and sustainable housing that finds a nexus between a resident's quality of life, affordability and environmental sustainability. Offering a variety of conventional, furnished, and co-living apartments, Rehabitat's dedicated support team aims to be the most responsive, straightforward, and approachable people you've met – we take the hassle out of rental living!


Rehabitat purchases undervalued and well-located "energy pig" properties close to public transportation, schools, work, shopping, and play areas and converts them into well-designed, high-quality and environmentally-friendly residential buildings. Once a property is purchased, Rehabitat partners with industry professionals who conduct extensive evaluations of each building's envelope, mechanical & electrical systems, and benchmarks air quality and other health indicators. Once completed, Rehabitat gauges the technical and financial feasibility of retrofitting each property and then implements a plan to halve each property's carbon footprint while simultaneously improving the quality of life of our tenants.


Rehabitat is continuously rethinking, revising, and reinventing the way we operate within the real estate industry. In addition to providing apartment rental and property management services, we guide ourselves by a unique philosophy: To improve the quality of our resident's lives by offering affordable, secure, ecological, and hassle-free housing that streamlines your daily tasks at home and reduces your energy usage and carbon footprint. Manage your account or pay your bills online, verify the status of your maintenance requests, and request additional services – Rehabitat makes renting smart, simple and sustainable.


The buildings where we live and work are often overlooked as significant sources of greenhouse gas emissions. It often surprises people to learn that Canada's building sector accounts for 25% of all energy demand, which exceeds the 23% consumed by the transportation sector. At Rehabitat, we believe that to do our part to contribute to a more sustainable future; we need to start where we live and work.